How can I determine if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced? 

Depending on your roofing system, repairs could be made throughout the lifetime of your roofing system.  When your roofing can no longer be protected from water infiltration despite regular mainetence, roof replacement may be the required next step. Check for cracked or missing shingles and damage flashing and contact Candela Roofing Corp for a roof inspection. 

My roof leaks, do I need to replace my roof immediately? 

If a roof leak is the result of a minor damage, roof repairs may be all that is required. Candela Roofing staff are trained to promptly identify the source of a roof leak and provide practical repair solutions that will extend the lifespan of your roof whenever possible.   

How long will my roof last? 

If a roof leak is the result of minor damage, roof repairs may be all that is required. Candela Roofing staff are trained to promptly identify the source of a roof leak and provide practical repair solutions that will extend the lifespan of your roof whenever possible.   

I have received quotes from several different roofing companies, which one do I choose?  

Roof quotes may vary due to lack of insurance, the use of subcontractors, or limited experience, Property Owners are advised to carefully research a roof contractor's credibility since lower quotes may be indicative of substandard work 

What is the industry standard for warranties?

Manufacturer warranties are regulated by industry standards and cover defects in roofing materials only. Warranties for labor are offered by the roofing companies and varey widely depending on the contractor. 

Can my roof be repaired, replaced or installed in the winter time? 

There are no standard temperature guidelines for installing asphalt roof shingles although some materials can become brittle during colder months. An experienced roofing company will store materials properly and work with the material one bundle at a time. Candela Roofing Corp offers qualified roof installation and repair methods at any time of the year.  

What would be the best asphalt shingle to use on my roof? 

The performance of asphalt shingles depends on their compatibility with surrounding roof components in addition to quality. Asphalt shingles must be in compliance with standards and applicable building codes. 

Why type of nails are used to install roof shingles?

What is the best roofing system for a flat roof? 

The best roofing system depends on detailed workmanship and the quality of materials rather than a specific system only. Candela Roofing Corp provides a range of roof installation options to assist customers with making practical decisions based on their specific needs

What can I do to reduce or remove ice dams?

Using an ice pick or shovel should not be used to remove ice dams because of the risk of causing roof damage. Remove as much snow as possible and contact a roofing contractor for assistance.

At what size can hail cause significant damage on my roof? 

It depends on the health of the roof before hand, but generally pea size to marble size wont cause any significant damage. Larger hail, lets say dime or quarter size, will likely cause damage that will need to be properly inspected by a roofing professional

Which roofing system is more environmentally friendly, a Metal System or a Asphalt Shingle? 

Asphalt shingles are available in fiberglass or organic format. However, organic shingles are saturated with asphalt for waterproofing and are less environmentally friendly due to a high asphalt content compared to fiberglass or composite shingles. Metal Roofing Systems on the other hand are fire-resistant and impervious to most unforgiving weather. Metal roofs are the environmentally-friendly roofing solution for their unmatched longevity, superior energy saving features, and high recyclability. 

Is it possible to paint my roof? 

Yes, its more environmentally friendly to do so however painting your roof needs to be done with an acrylic based paint made specifically for roofs as other solutions might trap moisture instead of letting it escape making way for algae and mold to grow which also rots wood. 

How can I be sure you are the right person for the job and what experience do you have?

Candela Roofing Corp is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), is a member of the Home Builders Association (HBA) and the Chamber of Commerce in San Angelo as well as the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce. A specific trait that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are experienced roofers, with three generations in the industry. Roofing is our heritage and it's in our lineage, the experience we hold at Candela Roofing Corp is that of a lifetime. 

What guarantees can you offer that the job will be finished on time and on budget?

Before any job is begun, The staff at Candela Roofing Corp measures each and every job using modern technology that allows for more precise measurements. The measurements are then broken down to insure availabilty of the materials necessary before the job begins. The budget is generally set at signing and because we specialize in various roofing systems our experience allows us the time to finish the job in manner that meets the clients needs.